Somber day of Prayer; Love Saves Lives

REMINDER if you are riding the bus from St. Rose to the SF Walk for Life THIS Saturday, January 27. The bus leaves promptly at 7:00am and will return by 8:30 pm. There will be snacks and water on the bus for the morning (no coffee). Please bring a sack lunch, and we stop for dinner in Gilroy on the way home.

Bishop Barron says it best:

"Friends, today’s Gospel speaks plainly of Satan and sin. And in light of today’s anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, we still feel the echoes. When we look realistically at the society around us, we can become pretty discouraged. The conservative estimate regarding the number of abortions since Roe v. Wade is 58,000,000. That’s almost ten times Hitler’s holocaust. Assisted suicide is now legal in a half dozen states, including California, and the death penalty remains a blight on a half dozen others. And most people in our culture now feel that these states of affairs are simply a fact of life. The culture of death, as St. John Paul II called it so bluntly, seems to be on the march.

But I want everyone to attend to what the prophet Habakkuk tells us: "Write down the vision clearly on the tablets…for the vision…will not disappoint." What is he talking about? He’s describing the arrival of salvation to a people who had grown weary and desperate, convinced that God had abandoned them. And he is urging them to have faith, to trust.

And so on this somber anniversary, we continue to raise our voices and to walk according to faith. Our vision will not disappoint."

Also, HERE a link to the Litany of Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Life.

And HERE is an inspirational story about John Barros, Who Will Stand. He has committed his life to praying every day outside his local Planned Parenthood. He speaks about how love saves lives!

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