Respect Life Sunday at St. Williams

Dedication of Memorial to the Unborn in Mary's Garden

"Before I formed you in your mother's womb, I knew you, I will never forget you. Behold, I have written your name on the palm of my hand. Love, God"

This beautiful picture shows how the Holy Spirit was definitely with us today as we at St. Williams dedicated the Memorial to the Unborn in Mary's Garden. It was early morning and the sun was rising on the LEFT, but notice how the sun rays come from the RIGHT side, from the direction of Jesus in the Tabernacle inside the church to Mary's statue and Fr. Edwin. Also, notice the single sun ray from the left shining on Mary's crown. We had a lovely Rosary for the Family. Thank you to Mark Gabler and John Vesnaver for their help with the stone memorial, and thank you to Don Landy from Definitely Different Designs for his engraving of the plaque. We hope and pray that this will be a special place of healing for families and remembrance of our unborn babies - aborted or miscarried. We also thank and encourage everyone to continue prayer for our spiritually adopted babies, now approaching their 5th month. We hope you will join us for the Rosary for the Family every Sunday in October at 9:30 at St. Williams here in Mary's Garden.

Memorial to the Unborn in Mary's Garden, St. Williams

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