Message from Brian Fisher of Human Coalition

Among those who value the sacredness of human life, there is clearly a sense of disappointment and disgust after the Supreme Court’s ruling this morning. Here in the state of Texas, abortion clinics may continue to operate without the increased health and safety standards established in 2013. Disregarding women's health and the lives of preborn babies, the court majority today applauded a culture of death.

But I have tremendous hope that it’s not just “business as usual” for abortion providers – here in Texas or anywhere. For one, Americans are increasingly aware of abortionists’ lack of regard for human life, whether that of the preborn child or her mother. Public opinion is shifting as the truth comes to light.

Second, today’s news makes it crystal clear that we must work through our culture to end abortion. Human Coalition’s 1+ million-strong Facebook community demonstrates the impact we’re having on the abortion conversation. And our church outreach team is on the ground, empowering local churches across the country to impact their communities for life.

Finally - and most importantly – I have hope because my Savior, Jesus Christ, commands me to. (Matthew 6:34 – “…do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself…) My hope lies in Jesus and His righteousness, not the sinking sand of human follies and sin.

Here at Human Coalition, we are seeing the fruits of God’s blessings. Our life-affirming women’s care clinics – including our locations here in Dallas/Fort Worth – are rescuing as many as seven times more children since before joining Human Coalition.

In total, we have helped rescue more than 4,400 children and their families from abortion. And we have rescued those children not by changing laws, but by changing hearts. READ MORE

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